Group Settings

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Complete group settings before registering members. Depending on how members are managed, organize freely with one or more groups. Group settings can be done easier and faster by understanding groups.

NOTE: Group settings can only be done by admins.

Registering groups

Starting from the top-level group, create upper groups of 1depth to 5depth then create subgroups. Please be careful groups cannot be moved around once registered.

NOTE: A top-level group is automatically created when you register your company, and the group name will be the same as the company name.


  1. Dashboard > Group
  2. Select a group to add subgroups.
  3. Click [Add subgroups].________01_EN.png

  4. After entering the subgroup name, click [Add].
  5. Click [Save] to save the added group.
  6. Check if the group has been registered.________02_EN.png


Check members

Check members assigned in each group. Leaders with approval authority have ic_leader_m_approval_yellow.png mark, leaders without authority have ic_leader_m.png mark, and members without any marks are regular employees.


  • Select a group to see members assigned in that group.
  • When you click [View group members], you can view all members assigned in each group.
To change the member's assigned group, drag and drop a member into the newly assigned group. With this simple step, you can quickly change the member's group.