Understanding Members(Admin · Leader · Employee)

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A member is an employee working in the company. Members are divided into admin, leader, and employee according to their administrative rights. Administrative rights are related to groups. By understanding the concepts of groups first, you could get a better idea of members.


How are employee, leader, and admin different?


Admins have administrative rights for all groups. It includes access to all info and approving requests submitted by all employees of the company.
Admins can be selected among the leaders, and added/modified from Settings > Admin menu on dashboard.


Leaders get administrative rights for employees in the group and its sub-groups where they are assigned as the leader.
All leaders have permission to view members in their managing groups. This includes viewing employee information, reports, posts, schedules, and attendance records freely.
However, it is optional to grant the approval authority for each leader. Leaders with the approval authority can review, approve, or reject approval requests submitted by employees (schedule changes, leave, overtime, etc.). Leaders without the approval authority can only view approval requests but will not be able to approve or reject them.
Admins can select leaders, and there are two ways to set up leaders.
Make the member a leader of the assigned group when adding a member. Check the registering members page for details.
  • Select leaders for each group from Dashboard > Manage members > Status.



Employees are members without admin rights. They neither have access to other employees' info nor the approval authority. They can use the service within the range of performing their work such as to record attendance, check schedules, create reports, etc.