Register Members

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For employees to join the company registered on our service, employees must be registered in advance as members before signing up. By understanding the concepts of members and member properties, you can register members more quickly.

NOTE: Only admins or leaders with the permission to add members can add members.


Settings for permission to add members

Admins can add members to all groups. Leaders with the permission to add members can only add members to their managing groups.

  1. Dashboard > Members > Manage members
  2. Select permission to add members from [Settings] tab.
  3. Admins have permission to add members as a default. Check 'Leader' to also grant leaders the permission to add members.
  4. You can select to grant the permission to add members to all or specific leaders._________01_EN.png

Registering members

Registering members from dashboard

  1. Dashboard > Members > Manage members
  2. Select [Status] tab.
  3. Click [Add member]._________02_EN.png

  4. Input the must enter and optional information to add a workplace._________03_EN.png


Once you complete with the must enter area, you can add a member.

Name & Phone no.

Enter a correct employee name and phone number. The employee will need this information when signing up.

Assigned group

Select a group where the employee will be assigned among the previously registered groups. If a group where the employee should be assigned does not exist in the option, add the group first.
  • Admins : Able to select one among all groups of the company.
  • Leaders : Able to select one among their managing groups.


Leaders in the assigned group

If the registering employee is a manager of his assigned group, click YES to make the member a leader. This member will then be given the leader authority in his assigned group and its subgroups as well, automatically.

Authorized to approve in assigned group

This option is only selectable if the member became a leader in the assigned group and gives an option to grant the approval authority to this leader.
Approval authority is an authority to approve or reject requests submitted by employees(Changing schedules and punch-out time, registering workplaces, etc.). Leaders without approval authority can only view those requests.

Authorized to view personal attendance history

This option allows employees to view their own attendance history on the app. When set to YES, they will be able to check this from App > My attendance history in Staff Mode.


It is optional to enter employment date, employee number, member properties, and default work schedule.

Employment date

Enter employment date of the registering employee.

National ID no.

This field only appears when it is set to use from member properties. Since national ID no. is sensitive information, entered numbers will be shown as ●●●●●.

Employee no.

Enter the employee number if your company uses this information for managing employees.

Job title

This field is provided as a default. You can select a job title among the options registered in Member properties > Job title.


This field only appears when it is set to use. You can select a grade among the options registered in Member properties > Grade.

Customized properties

Custom properties registered in Member properties > Custom properties are provided. Depending on the customized properties data type, you can select one of the options : Text - Select from options, Text - Enter manually, Image, and Document. For this, Leaders can only view customized properties they have permission to view.

Default work schedule(Default working hours and workplace)

If the work schedule is fixed, enter a default work schedule for each employee
(e.g., Working hours : 09:00-18:00, Breaktime : 1hr, Day off : Sat, Sun)
If the Automatic scheduling feature is set to use, the system will automatically create a schedule based on the employee's default work schedule.
If you select a workplace for the 'workplace' field under default work schedule, this becomes the member's default workplace. A default workplace is where the member works on a daily basis and it becomes the employee's assigned workplace when registered.

Add a member on the app

  1. From the main page(Leader Mode) select the navigation menu button on the left.
  2. Select [Members] from the navigation menu.
  3. Click the Add a member button at the bottom right corner._________05_EN.png

  4. You can add a member the same way as on the dashboard._________06_EN.png