Delete(resign) Members

  • Updated
When you delete a member, that member will be processed as resigned and no longer be able to use the mobile app and dashboard. Please decide carefully as it cannot be retrieved.

  • Admins or leaders with permission to add members can delete(resign) members of their managing groups.


Delete(resign) members

  1. Dashboard > Members > Manage members
  2. Select [Status] tab.
  3. Find an employee to delete among the listed members._________01_EN.png

  4. Click the settings button next to the employee's name.
  5. Click [Delete account] from the member info pop-up.
  6. After you select the resignation date and enter DELETE, [Delete] button will be activated. Click [Delete] to complete the process._________02_EN.png

  7. Deleted members will be excluded from the Members > Manage members page, and listed in Members > Resigned members page.