Day off Type Settings

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Register a day off type commonly used in the company. You can use the registered day off type when changing the schedule.

NOTE: Only admins can set the day off type.


Register day off type

Day off is a day you do not need to go to work and you can register multiple types depending on the reasons. (E.g., Regular day off, substitute day off)
  1. Dashboard > Settings
  2. Work policy > Day off type
  3. Check registered day off types on the list. A default day off type is automatically registered when you create a company. You can change the name of the default day off type but cannot change it to inactive.___________01_EN.png

  4. To register a day off type, enter the type name and click [Add].___________02_EN.png

  5. Registered day off types are provided as an option when changing the schedule.___________03_EN.png
Change the day off types that are no longer in use to inactive status. Inactive types will not be provided as an option from the schedule anymore.