Common Work Schedule Settings

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The common work schedule function is useful if your company needs to apply the common work schedule policy.

NOTE: Only admins can set common work schedule.


What is common work schedule?

Common work schedule information includes working hours, breaktime, workplace, and a day off. Registered common work schedule information automatically becomes a default value for 'Default work schedule when adding a member'. It is very useful if employees have the same schedule.______________01_EN.png
  • Working hours : If employees have different work hours, select [No common working hours].
  • Breaktime : Enter breaktime allowed for employees each day. If employees have different breaktimes, select [No common breaktime].
  • Workplace : Enter a workplace where employees work. If employees work at different workplaces, select [No common workplace].
  • Day off : Select a day that employees are off. If employees are off on different days, select [No common day off].