Admin Settings

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There must be at least one admin. Admins can set usage policy and access all information, so please decide carefully.

NOTE: Only admins can add or edit admins.


Add · edit admins from Settings

Admins can be selected among leaders. To register a member as an admin, make the member a leader first.
  1. Dashboard > Settings > Admin
  2. Click [Add / Edit]._________01_EN.png

  3. Select a leader you wish to add as an admin and click [Save].
  4. Leaders who no longer need the admin authority can be removed by selecting them from the list and [Delete], or from the [Add / Edit] screen.


NOTE: Want to know more about leaders and authority? For more details, check Understanding Members(Admin · Leader · Employee) page.



Add · edit admins from Manage members

  1. Dashboard > Members > Manage members
  2. Select [Settings] tab > Admin.
  3. You can add · edit admins by following the same steps as above._________03_EN.png