Schedule Feature Settings

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The Schedule feature is provided as a default. Leaders can register and manage the schedules of their managing employees, and employees can check or request a change of their own schedules.

NOTE: Only admins can decide whether to use the feature or not.


Using schedule feature

  1. Dashboard > Feature settings
  2. Select Attendance and visits > Schedule.
  3. Set details of schedule subfeatures.



Employee's self schedule approval request

To allow employees to directly edit their schedules and request the leaders for approval on the app, set this function to 'Use'. When this function is set to 'Don't use', only leaders can change employees' schedules.


Share schedules

Employees can share work schedules with co-workers in the same group and workplace by using this function.


Automatic scheduling

When adding a member, the system will automatically create a monthly schedule based on the employee's 'default work schedule'.
Schedule is automatically created by the following methods:
  • Schedule created immediately from the day employee signs up on the app to the end of the month
    E.g., If an employee signs up on Aug 10th, schedules from Aug 10th to Aug 31st will be created immediately
  • On the 25th of every month, the entire schedule for the next month will be created automatically
    E.g., Create schedules automatically from Sep 1st to 30th on Aug 25th
  • Automatic scheduling exceptions
    • Dates that already have schedules created by admin or employee will be excluded from the automatic scheduling
    • For employees subject to the flexible working system, statutory and public holidays are excluded from automatic scheduling


Permission to edit templates

You can set which employees you will assign permission to add or edit scheduling templates. For more details, check Register Scheduling Templates.
  • Admins and all leaders : All admins and leaders can edit scheduling templates. Admins can edit scheduling templates for all groups and leaders can only edit the templates for the groups they are authorized to manage.
  • Admins only : Only admins can register scheduling templates.
  • Specific admins or leaders : Only specific admins or leaders can register scheduling templates.


Weekly maximum working hours and overtime management

You can set employees' weekly maximum working hours and overtime so their working hours do not exceed the assigned or registered schedules.