Setting - Create Leave Types (Admin PC)

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You can set usage policies for each leave type, allowing employees to request leave days themselves or have leaders assign leave days on schedules.

NOTE: Only admins can register leave types.


Create a new type

  1. Dashboard > Leave
  2. Click [Settings] tab.
  3. Check leave types that are already registered. The default leave type is provided in advance.
  4. Click [Create a new type].
  5. After entering all necessary information for each section, click [Save] in the upper right corner.

NOTE: If the new leave type has a similar policy to the type you created in the past, you can bring an existing type and create the new one more quickly.

  • Section 1 : Entering the title and description of leave, Setting theme color
    • Title of leave : Enter the title of leave being used in the company. (e.g., Annual leave)
    • Description : Enter leave details or notes that can be used as a reference for employees to check on the app when requesting leave.
    • theme color : You can set colors for each leave type.
  • Section 2 : Policy settings


Who can take this leave?

Set who can take this leave. Only the employees who meet the selected conditions may use this leave type.
  • All employees of the company : All employees of the company can take this leave.
  • Specific group and job title : Employees who belong to specific groups of the company or have specific job titles can take this leave.
  • Specific customized properties : Specific employees depending on the custom properties(member properties) can take this leave. (e.g., Gender - Female, Male)


How would you like to grant the available days to be used as leave?

Select whether the leave days are granted in advance or at request.
  • Grant in advance : This grants employees the available days to be used as a leave in advance and allows them to use it within the remaining number of days. If you select this type, the leave type must be created, and the number of days needs to be granted(accrued leave). (e.g., Annual leave)
  • Grant at request : This grants employees the available days to be used as leave each time it is requested in accordance with the company's policy. (e.g., Marriage leave)


What is the unit used for taking a leave?

You can set the units that employees can choose when they take this leave type in advance. Day(Full day) is the default unit (cannot be unchecked), but you can also allow 'Half-day' and 'Quarter-day'.

Is it paid leave or unpaid leave?

You can set if this leave type is paid or unpaid. You can skip this part if it is unclear.


Can leaders directly assign a leave to employees through scheduling?

  • Yes : Only leaders can assign this leave type when changing schedules.
  • No : Employees request their own leave and leaders can only approve.


Allow employees to request their own leave on the App?

  • Yes : Employees can request their own leave on the app.
  • No : Only leaders can assign this leave type when changing the schedule.


Should any document be provided as a proof when requesting leave?

If you set this to 'Required', employees must provide proof when requesting leave for this leave type.

  • Section 3 : Approval steps settings
    • Approval steps can be set up to Step 3. When the approver from the previous step approves the leave, the approver assigned in the next step will approve. Leave schedules will be successfully registered to the employees' schedules once all approval steps are completed.You can appoint approvers among the 'leaders from assigned groups', 'leaders from upper groups', or appoint specific leaders. 'Administrators' can approve or reject all approval requests even if they are not selected as approvers.


Appointing groups leaders as approvers

  • Leaders from assigned groups : Leaders from the requesting employee's assigned group will be appointed as an approver.
  • Leaders from upper groups : Leaders from an upper group(group 1depth above) of the requesting employee's assigned group will be appointed as an approver.


Appointing specific leaders as approvers

You can appoint specific leaders with approval authority as approvers.