▪️ Punch in/out at temporary workplaces (unregistered workplace)

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1. Feature Introduction

You can manage employees who commute to and from unregistered workplaces (temporary workplaces) such as external meetings and remote work.

  • Workplace: The workplace registered on the dashboard by the company.

  • Temporary Workplace: Refers to the location where punch-in is done when it is not the workplace.

2. Allow punch in/out at temporary workplaces (Admin setting)

NOTE: This setting is only accessible with Admin user account. 

  1. PC Dashboard : Go to menu [Feature settings > Attendance]
  2. Change the Attendance's subfeature 'Allow punch in/out from any places' function to 'Use'
  3. Select employees to use this feature.
  4. Enter reasons for employees to select when they punch in. This options will be provided to employees when they punch in/out from unregistered places as a selection. 



3. Punch-in/out at temporary workplaces (App / Employee mode)

  1. Click Punch-in (Punch-out · Return · Arrive) on Mobile App (Employee mode). 
  2. Select 'Punch in from current location.' 
    If you are within the GPS punch-in range of registered workplaces nearby, you may be punched into the registered workplace. If you need to add a new temporary workplace, refer to 5. Add/Edit temporary workplaces on App (App / Employee mode)
  3. Add a temporary workplace as your new punch-in location.
  4. Select "Save this place and reasons" if you want to save this location. Once it is saved, you do not need to register again next time you visit. 

punch-inout from temporary workplace(1).png


4. When there are multiple workplaces/temporary workplaces nearby (App / Employee mode)


  1. When there are several workplaces and/or temporary workplaces nearby, the system will show the list.
  2. You can select one of them, or register a new temporary workplace.

punch-inout from temporary workplace(2).png



5. Add/Edit temporary workplaces on App (App / Employee mode)

  1. At Employee Mode > Menu tab, select 'Temporary workplace' list. 
  2. Add new (a) : You can add new temporary workplaces. 
  3. Edit existing list (b) : You can select existing temporary workplace to edit or delete. Even if you delete a temporary workplace from the list, punch-in/out record won't be affected. 

punch-inout from temporary workplace(3).png


FAQ 1. How can I turn off QRcode scanner?

When punching in from temporary workplaces, you need to turn off QRcode scanner.

Record punchinout time_faq(3(.png