Create, Edit, Delete To-do (Admin, Leader PC/App)

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⚙️ALL Admin / Assigned Leaders can create and manage To-do. 

1. Create & Assign To-do

  1. At PC Dashboard [To-do] Menu, click 'Create To-do' button to start. 
    📌If you can't find the button, it means your account doesn't have the right to create a To-do. Contact the system Admin. 
  2. Fill in each sections as per your need. (Find out more about sections below🔗)
  3. Click 'Save' button to create To-do.
  4. Once saved, system is ready to Assign tasks.
    *Depending on the 'Assignment date', the task can be assigned immediately or at a future date.
  5. Once the task is assigned, employees will receive push-notification, and can start the task.
    Refer to Complete assigned To-do(Employee App)🔗 to understand how employees complete the task. 

✨Tip  : You can click "Create with existing to-do" to reload a previously used to-do template.
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2. To-do sections

a. Category, Title, Instructions

  • Category and Title are mandatory fields.
    📌To create/edit category, you need to be an Admin user. 
  • Write instructions to be delivered to employees (optional)
  • Attach reference images or document files (optional)
    📌You can only attach jpg, jpeg, png images and document files such as pdf, ppt, xlsx. (Up to 50MB can be attached.)

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b. Basic settings

  • Do you assign tasks by employee or by workplace?
    • Assigned by Employee: Task assigned to the Employee level. Each employee must complete the task. 
    • Assigned by Workplace: Task assigned to the Workplace level. The task will be processed as complete if anyone of the employees performs the task.

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  • How many times can a worker upload task results?
    • Multiple times: Workers can submit task results multiple times without restriction. Even if the task result is submitted only once, the task will be considered completed.
    • Once: After submitting the task result once, additional submissions are not allowed.
  • Is supervisor confirmation required after the task is completed?
    If 'required', a confirmation (inspection) supervisor must be selected. The person who created the task is defaulted as the confirmation supervisor.
    • Required: Leaders must inspect all submitted task results, and if the results are unsatisfactory, they can request rework.
    • Not required: There is no separate inspection process for task results.

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c. Period

  • Is it a recurring task?
    • If it's a task that needs to be repeated, select 'Repeat'; if it's a one-time task, select 'Do not repeat'.
    • If set to 'Repeat', the initial task will be created on the start date of the repetition, and subsequent tasks will be created sequentially until the end date of the repetition based on the repetition cycle.
    • If you specify a specific date as the end date of the repetition, tasks will only be created until that date.
  • Time Settings
    • ON: You can specify the start time on the start date and the end time on the end date.
    • OFF: You can register task results from 00:00 on the start date to 23:59 on the end date.

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d. Task types

  • Select the task type and enter instructions.
  • Depending on the selected task type, additional photo attachments or selection items (options) may be required.
  • You can set whether the task requires a mandatory response.

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3. Edit/Delete/End the Cycle

  • Edit To-do

    📌You cannot edit an Assigned To-do. Once assigned, you cannot retrieve/delete/edit the task details.
    1. At PC Dashboard [To-do] Menu, go to [To-do management] page.  
    2. From the list, click To-do that you want to edit. 
    3. Click 'more' button and then 'Edit'.
    4. Click the section you want to edit and change contents. You will see 'Save' button activated once you start editing. Make sure you save each and every section. 
    5. Saved To-do will be applied from the next assigned tasks.

  • Delete To-do

    📌Even if you delete the to-do, the results of the tasks already assigned will remain. (You can check it on the status page) Please decide carefully as it cannot be retrieved when deleted.
    1. At PC Dashboard [To-do] Menu, go to [To-do management] page.  
    2. From the list, click To-do that you want to Delete. 
    3. Click 'more' button and then 'Delete'.

  • End the Cycle

    1. At PC Dashboard [To-do] Menu, go to [To-do management] page.  
    2. From the list, click To-do that you want to end the cycle. 
    3. Click 'End the cycle' button on Repeat section. 
    4. System will no longer assign the repeated task that was scheduled.

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FAQ 1. Can I create To-do on Shopl app?

Yes, you can create and assign To-do on Shopl app just like you do on PC Dashboard.

On [Leader mode], go to [To-do] menu to create and manage tasks. 

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