Complete assigned To-do (Employee App)

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1. Check > Start > Submit To-do

  1. Check assigned To-do on 'Task' tab of Employee mode.
    *You can also check on [To-do] menu on 'Menu' tab. 
  2. Click assigned To-do and check task details
    • End date / time
    • Instruction Contents / Photos / Attachment 
  3. Click 'Start the task' button
  4. Complete the tasks according to the format
  5. Click 'Submit'
    *Make sure you've filled in all mandatory fields before the submission. 
  6. You can see To-do card has changed its color to Blue. 

Complete assigned to-do(employee App)#1.png

📌Details of To-do information

(a) You can check the repetition status, due date, and creator information of the task.
(b) If there is a registered task guide, you can view instructions, images, and attachments.
(c) You can leave comments to communicate with team members

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2. To-do status : Not confirmed / Confirmed / Rejected

  1. Once to-do is submitted, tasks are reviewd by Leaders
  2. You can check status (c) of each To-do submitted
    • Not confirmed : pending for confirmation
    • Confirmed : confirmed, no further action needed
    • Needs to be redone : leader requested re-do. You will receive push-notification via App. Leaders are required to provide reasons for re-do. 

Complete assigned to-do(employee App)#3.png

3. Assigned by Workplace vs. Employee

  1. Tasks can be assigned to Workplace / Employee (choose 1)
    • by Workplace : *Look for Workplace name on To-do details
      • The task will be processed as complete if anyone of the employees performs the task.
      • Once one result is submitted, it is considered completed.
      • Complete status will be shared among assigned employees. 
    • by Employee : The task needs to be submitted by each one of the members. 

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FAQ 1. Can I start the task after deadline is passed?

No, you cannot start the task once the deadline is closed.  


FAQ 2. Can I edit the task after the submission?

Yes, you can edit the task even after the submission while the task is still opened and yet to pass the deadline. Once the task is closed, you can no longer edit the task. 


FAQ 3. I received notification to perform the task again. What should I do?

When the assigned task is reviewed by leaders and requested to re-do, you will receive a notification. Open the task again and press start to redo the task. You will then see the comments from the task reviewer.