Location Error - Cannot find a registered workplace nearby?

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If you encounter below cases when arriving at your workplace, here's our guide for you.

  • "Cannot find a registered workplace nearby." message is shown
  • You're punched into a wrong workplace

In case you still encounter the issue after tryingout these methods, please send us an inquiry via 1:1 chat


1. Shopl guide for Employees

1-1. Request to modify workplace location on app

If the registered workplace location differs from what you know of, you can request to modify the information based on the correct address & latitude and longitude on map.

Request to modify workplace location on app.png

Once approved by the leader/administrator, you will be able to punch-in/out from the correct location. In case the request is rejected, please contact the system admin in your organization. 


1-2. Refresh GPS Accuracy on app

If the location on the map differs from your current location, it's likely due to weak GPS signals or errors. Refresh the current location on the app with refresh button. Once you confirm the location is accurate, try to punch-in again. 

Refresh GPS Accuracy on app.png


2. Shopl guide for Leaders/Admins

2-1. Approve/Reject workplace location request

  • Admins/Leaders can review and approve/reject workplace location modifications from the [Approval > Workplace Location] page on the dashboard or in the app's leader mode. After approval, employees can clock in and out from the requested location.

Reject workplace location request.png

  • When reviewing approval, you can compare the stored workplace information with the employee's request. Check whether submitted workplace photos have been taken from the workplace. 

Reject workplace location request(2).png



3. Mobile device setting guide - iOS/Android

In some cases, location error can happen due to the mobile device settings. Here's a guide for iOS/Android users. 

3-1. Both iOS / Android Users:

  • TURN ON wifi on your mobile phone, and/or connect to a specific wifi.
    This will allow your mobile device to update the current location based on wifi information. 
  • Refresh the current location on a map application (google, apple, etc.).

attendance_punchin error.png


3-2. For iOS Users: How to share your specific location

  • Go to Settings > Shopl App > Location 
  • Turn on "Precise Location."

Attendance_FAQ_location accuracy_iOS_accurate location on.png

3-3. For Android Users: How to improve location accuracy settings

  • Go to Settings > Location
  • Click on Location services
    • Turn ON 'Wi-Fi scanning' / Turn ON 'Bluetooth scanning' 
    • Turn ON 'Google Location Accuacy' / 'Google Location Sharing'

Attendance_FAQ_location accuracy_AOS_accurate location on.png

*In case you need our support in spotting these settings, please send us an inquiry via 1:1 chat