▪︎ Using Dashboard(Web)

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Shopl supports both dashboard(web) and mobile application. Depending on your type of use, collaborate instantaneously with your team via dashboard(web) or mobile app.


Getting started

You can access our dashboard from your PC web browser via Shopl homepage or by directly entering the url link (https://dashboard.shoplworks.com/login). Please login if you already have an account, or sign up if you do not.

Dashboard page sections

Dashboard(web) is divided into three big areas(common area on the top, navigation menu on the left, pages for features on the right).
Help guide will appear when you click icon_help.png at the top. You can search or check information you wish to know, required settings for opening up your company's account, user guidelines, or update notes.
Dashboard menu area includes favorites, entire menu(sections and menu by sections), and data download. Menus vary depending on the service plan and features your company is currently using. If all features are set to use, followings will be shown on the menu :
  • Attendance and visits : Attendance, Schedule, Leave, Overtime, Journey plan
  • Communication : To-do, Notice & Survey, Report, Posting board, Chat
  • In-store data : Sales, Price, Inventory, Display status, Brand and model
  • Target and evaluation : Target management
  • Expenses : Expense reimbursement
  • Approval : Approval
  • Admin : Feature settings, Groups, Workplaces, Members
  • Settings : Independent menu
  • Payment : Independent menu 
  • Data download : Goes to the page where you can download various data provided by our service.





Add frequently used menus on dashboard to [Favorites]. Favorites will appear on top of the menu and can be found more easily and quickly.
  1. Click icon_plus.png next to Favorites.
  2. Click icon_star.png of the menu you wish to add to Favorites.
  3. Click icon_menu.png to change the menu order.
  4. Click icon_check.png to save.

TIP: Menus added to Favorites will be taken out of the bottom section.